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Our Core Values

We have four main Jewish values that we rely on at the Gan to help us maintain a warm, nurturing, and successful program.


Kehillah (pronounced “keh-HE-lah”)


As Rabbi Hillel once said, “Do not separate yourself from the community” (Pirkei Avot 2:5). At the Gan, teachers work to build relationships with parents so that they have a comprehensive understanding of the child. We achieve this by providing engaging experiences for families both in and out of the classroom.

בצלם אלוהים

B’tzelem Elohim (pronounced “beh-TSELL-em eh-low-HEEM”)

Created in the image of God

Every family that walks through our gate has their own background, traditions, abilities, and interests. We believe in honoring and celebrating each community member’s uniqueness. As we get to know the individuals in our community, we provide materials and emergent activities that inspire awe and wonder.


Kavod (pronounced “kah-VOH-d”)

Deep Honor/Respect

We believe that in order for children to be academically ready, they also need to know how to be kind, tolerant, and capable of solving their own problems. We believe that children can learn to engage with peers and the environment in a kind and respectful way.

שלום קיטה

Shalom Kitah (pronounced “sha-LOM key-TAH”)

Peaceful Classroom

We believe in providing an environment that is stress free and one in which children can learn about regulating their own bodies. We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment.