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Parent Involvement

Whether big or small, there is a role for you to play at the Gan.

Parents and extended family members are welcome to volunteer in many different capacities at Gan Avraham. Some parents come into the classroom to lead a project, share an interest, read stories, help with holiday celebrations or write stories in children’s journals. Others participate in leadership roles by joining the Gan Avraham School’s Committee, which works with the director to set/revise policies, plan events for the school, etc. Taking on a specific task, such as being a room parent, or helping organize the end-of-year picnic for the school are just two of the many volunteer opportunities that we have at the Gan. We welcome families/caregivers to our weekly classroom Shabbat circles and at all holiday celebrations.

There are several events each year for parents to meet one another socially without their children. The Gan community is a place where parents build new friendships with other parents and families.